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  What we do


What we do

GFS Productions has evolved from our little funk rock band to a full fledged multi-media collective.
Here's the lowdown on what we do.

Music - We make lots of music. Sometimes under different names

GFS Our main music vehicle. Headed up by main producers J.Smooth and JG but contributed to by everyone. Known previously for the funky d&B sounds, GFS now pushes the boundaries of all genre's of music.
Moqita Billy Blaise and JG's other project. Late night downtempo beats for moody types. Release slated for Summer 2004
Tito's Kids Funky House by J.Smooth, JG, Carl Michaels, and Billy Blaise. Music that makes you laugh and dance. Releases coming soon.
Pink Skull Pink Skull is JG, Julian S Process, and DJ Diabolic (Dub Diablo) of Clique fame. Hard to describe. It's sort of house with psyche rock and 80s style influences. Or maybe not at all. Check out the website
JG and J.Smooth both have done singles under their own names and we've worked with all type of people in our studio. We've helped Dieselboy do some intro's to his mix CD's, twiddled knobs with Flowchart, and even helped scored a soundtrack.

Labels - We also release of some our music and good music made by other people
GFS Productions Our main parent company (our official "legal" name) and the name of our main record label. There's been a few vinyl releases, some mixtapes, and some other merchandise.
Argento Our futuristic label. Kinda like GFS Neil Stephenson style. more synth driven, sometimes epic, dancefloor based drum and bass.
Slick Our funky label with more organic songs. Stuff with a little more live instrument, vocal jazzy feel.
611drumandbass The drum and bass label of 611 Records set up by JG and Nigel Richards to showcase the amazing local d&b talent in Philly.

Events - Not only can we make music, but sometimes we make it in public
DJ J.Smooth is our resident super dj, but Rune also rocks a dope d&b set here and there. GFS has been known to collectively rock a funky live dj performance, that combines all the flavors of its members. You never know what you'll get. JG can also be heard every once and awhile on WKDU 91.7FM
Parties Rune has thrown some of the best jungle parties in North Carolina bringing in some of the best talent in the world. We've also been known to help out with an event or two in Philly.
Live Performances We've been working on a GFS live show for quite some time now and have decided we're debuting it after our second album. We've done small live shows before but nothing like what we have planned. Moqita will also being doing a few select shows next summer.

Other - Music isn't the only thing we do.
Fine Art Billy makes giant metal sculptures of ridiculous things like 8 feet tall cheese graters and sliding boards with fans at the end. He paints too. Where does he find the time?

We're in the process of putting together a digital video studio.
Keep watching this space.

Internet Nick owns and operates, the best damn internet service provider in Philadelphia. You need webhosting or dial up service? Go to Eric also does web design and JG's been known to whip up a few websites too.

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