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Today is: Wednesday, October 20th 2021
Date  Artist  Event  
07/07/2002  J.Smooth  Flow- Philly, PA  

07/10/2002  J.Smooth  Baltimore, MD  

07/10/2002  J.Smooth  Long IL, NY  

07/17/2002  J.Smooth  5 Spot, Philly, PA  

07/21/2002  J.Smooth  Sessions" DC  

07/23/2002  J.Smooth  Substitution- Philly, PA  

07/23/2002  J.Smooth  Camouflage, NYC  

07/26/2002  J.Smooth  Baltimore, MD  

07/27/2002  J.Smooth  Albany, NY  

07/31/2002  J.Smooth  Fullerton, CA  

08/01/2002  J.Smooth  Respect"- Los Angeles, CA  

08/16/2002  J.Smooth  Hartford, CT  

08/23/2002  J.Smooth  Gods Basement- Philly, PA  

08/28/2002  J.Smooth  LATazza- PHL, PA  

09/03/2002  J.Smooth  New City- Philly, PA  

09/15/2002  J.Smooth  Flow- Philly, PA  

09/24/2002  J.Smooth  Washington DC  

10/05/2002  J.Smooth  Y2K- Albany, NY  

10/24/2002  J.Smooth  Platinum@ Fluid- Philly, PA  

10/26/2002  J.Smooth  Countdown Annv.- Bronx, NY  

10/29/2002  J.Smooth  New City Tav.- Philly, PA  

11/07/2002  J.Smooth  Pittsburgh, PA  

11/24/2002  JG  Live at  

11/26/2002  J.Smooth  New York City  

11/28/2002  J.Smooth  Spot Reunion - Baltimore, MD  

11/29/2002  J.Smooth  Rochester, NY  

12/07/2002  J.Smooth  The Asylum - Springfield, MA (Columns of Knowledge)  

12/14/2002  J.Smooth  Ottawa, Canada  

12/31/2002  J.Smooth  Albany, NY (Y2K Productions)  

01/18/2003  J.Smooth  Eagles Nest_Lorain, OH  

01/22/2003  J.Smooth  NYC  

01/30/2003  GFS  J.Smooth and GFS at Liquid Blue - MVS Release Party  

01/30/2003  J.Smooth  GFS CD Release!!@ Liquid Blue 622 S.6th- Philly, PA  

01/31/2003  J.Smooth  Philly VRS NYC@ Transit- Philly, Pa  

01/31/2003  J.Smooth  5 Spot, Philly, Pa  

02/04/2003  J.Smooth  Camouflage, NYC  

02/13/2003  J.Smooth  HeartBeat@ Palomas- Baltimore, MD  

02/16/2003  J.Smooth  Los Angeles, Ca  

02/23/2003  J.Smooth  Cleveland, OH  

02/25/2003  J.Smooth  Emerald City- Philly, PA  

03/13/2003  J.Smooth  Foundation@ Paradox- Baltimore, MD  

03/14/2003  J.Smooth  Punk N Bass@laTazza, Philly, PA  

03/18/2003  J.Smooth  WMC@ Level- Miami, FL  

03/19/2003  J.Smooth  Hip-Step @ lounge16- WMC- Miami, FL  

03/21/2003  J.Smooth  Laundry Bar@WMC, Miami, FL  

03/22/2003  J.Smooth  WMC-Alter Records Event @Club Jade- Miami, Fl.  

03/22/2003  J.Smooth  WMC@ Sabor hotel- Miami, FL  

03/22/2003  J.Smooth  Ultra/ DJ Skool Booth@ WMC- Miami, FL  

04/05/2003  J.Smooth  Pittsburgh, PA (email for info)  

04/06/2003  J.Smooth  Club Soma- Philly PA  

04/10/2003  J.Smooth  Vesuvio @ 8th and Fitzwater- Philly PA  

04/17/2003  J.Smooth  Platinum@ Fluid- Philly, PA  

04/18/2003  J.Smooth  TPDS@ 12th and Sansom- Philly PA  

04/19/2003  J.Smooth  Brooklyn, NY  

05/10/2003  J.Smooth  Transit Night Club- Philly PA  

05/28/2003  J.Smooth  Tribal Verb@LaTazza  

06/01/2003  J.Smooth  @Sonar- Baltimore MD  

06/06/2003  GFS  All Funk dj set The Royale in Brooklyn NY 10pm- 3am  

06/06/2003  J.Smooth/GFS  Brooklyn, NY@ Royale- 506 5th Ave  

06/12/2003  J.Smooth  Philadelphia, PA- TBA  

06/13/2003  J.Smooth  Spinning Hiphop/Funk - Philly, PA- TBA  

06/14/2003  J.Smooth  NYC@ Psuedo Lounge  

06/25/2003  J.Smooth  NYC- Recess Wed. @ 200 Orchard St.  

06/28/2003  J.Smooth  Special Bday Party, philly  

07/03/2003  J.Smooth  Los Angeles, CA  

07/11/2003  J.Smooth  Pittsburgh, PA  

07/12/2003  J.Smooth  @Tangos- Pittsburgh PA  

07/19/2003  J.Smooth  Brooklyn NY- @Luantarium  

07/25/2003  J.Smooth  TPDS-Philly, PA  

08/01/2003  J.Smooth  Boston, MA  

08/02/2003  J.Smooth  NYC- More info to come  

08/09/2003  J.Smooth  9th and Christian Street- Philly, PA  

08/19/2003  J.Smooth  Camoflauge- NYC  

08/24/2003  J.Smooth  Soma, philly PA  

08/28/2003  J.Smooth  Foundation Productions- Baltimoe, MD  

08/30/2003  J.Smooth  @Transit, Philly PA_w/ Andy C, DSL and More............  

09/05/2003  J.Smooth  3rd Degree_ Reston, VA  

09/12/2003  J.Smooth  @Sonar_ Wash, DC  

09/16/2003  J.Smooth  @Emerald City ---2nd/SpringGarden Sts. Philly, PA  

10/17/2003  J.Smooth  Municiple Cafe, Hartford CT  

10/31/2003  J.Smooth  Halloween Bash@ TPDS-- Philly PA  

11/01/2003  J.Smooth  Dayton, OH  

11/06/2003  J.Smooth  @Fletchers ( 701 Bond St.)-- Baltimore, MD  

11/07/2003  J.Smooth  Old City Gallery Exibit- Philly PA  

11/14/2003  J.Smooth  @Saint Jacks Philly  

11/15/2003  J.Smooth  Asylum----- Springfield, Mass.  

11/17/2003  J.Smooth  GFS Fuck Philly @ Moda- Featuring J.Smooth, JG + Others  

12/05/2003  J.Smooth  @ Club Rapture- New Oxford, PA  

12/06/2003  J.Smooth  Tangos- Pittsburgh PA  

12/12/2003  J.Smooth  @Mercury -- 6th and Bainbridge St. Philly, PA  

12/13/2003  J.Smooth  @ the Arc Club--- NYC....more to come  

12/18/2003  J.Smooth  Platinum- Philly PA  

12/18/2003  J.Smooth  Platinum Philly  

12/20/2003  J.Smooth  D.C. -- TBA  

12/21/2003  J.Smooth  Sunday Night Sessions- DC  

12/27/2003  JG  Ho! by 611 and Local 13 - Philadelphia  

01/13/2004  J.Smooth  Camouflage- NYC  

01/18/2004  J.Smooth  Guernica- 25 Ave B (2nd and 3rd) NYC  

01/24/2004  J.Smooth   D.C...more to come  

01/30/2004  JG  Food Bank Benefit - LaTazza, 108 Chestnut Street Phila  

01/31/2004  J.Smooth  Troy NY--Eternity 9  

02/04/2004  JG  Hologram @ La tazza, Philadelphia  

02/07/2004  J.Smooth  PHL- 20th and Arch  

02/08/2004  J.Smooth  @Silk City- Spinning Hiphop and Funk-- Philly-  

02/14/2004  J.Smooth  Goosebumps- Philly -7th and Kater  

02/20/2004  J.Smooth  Mercury Club- Philly- 6th and Bainbridge  

02/22/2004  J.Smooth  Upstairs@ Pomodoros 4th and South Sts.- Philly  

02/28/2004  J.Smooth  Montego Bay 1717 Eastern Ave - Baltimore MD  

03/02/2004  J.Smooth  Camouflage@ Guernica 25 Ave B- NYC  

03/04/2004  J.Smooth  WMC- Miami FL March 4th-10th: event info to come  

03/06/2004  J.Smooth  WMC Turntablist Dj Stage/Tent@ Ultra Party- Miami, FL  

03/07/2004  J.Smooth  WMC JPP Boat Party/ 4-8pm- Miami, FL (3pm boat dock!!!)  

03/08/2004  J.Smooth  WMC Gathering of the Tribes@ Club Jade- Miami FL (more info Set time 2am.  

03/08/2004  J.Smooth  WMC HipStep Massive Party- Miami Fl.-Lounge 16-  

03/11/2004  J.Smooth  @ Goosebumps - Philly  

03/18/2004  J.Smooth  Club Chemistry -Pittsburgh PA  

03/19/2004  J.Smooth  @Rapture- New Oxford, PA  

03/23/2004  JG  Upstairs @ The Kyber Philadelphia w/Kevin Gimble and Jamie Morris  

04/02/2004  J.Smooth  Ulanas- 2nd Bainbridge- Philly PA  

04/03/2004  J.Smooth  Dj appearance @ Puma Store 1505 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA 4-8pm  

04/16/2004  J.Smooth  Quantum Tour @Electric Factory 730pm- Philadelphia, PA  

04/24/2004  J.Smooth  Charlotte NC- (more info to come)  

04/26/2004  J.Smooth  @Liquid Charm- 12th and race sts. - Philly  

04/29/2004  J.Smooth  @Tribecca Night Club- Philly  

05/18/2004  JG  Mash'd @ The Kyber - Philadelphia w/Kevin Gimble and Jamie Morris  

05/30/2004  J.Smooth  Taj Mahal- Atlantic City, NJ ....(playing Hiphop)  

06/03/2004  J.Smooth  20th and Arch @ The Parkway- Philly PA  

06/05/2004  J.Smooth  Donald Trumps Bday @ Casbah-Taj Mahal- AC, NJ (tentative date)  

06/08/2004  J.Smooth  Camouflage NYC  

06/16/2004  J.Smooth  NYC- more info to come  

06/18/2004  J.Smooth  @Transit Night Club- Philly, PA  

06/22/2004  J.Smooth  Latazza- Philly (tentative, date may change)  

06/26/2004  J.Smooth  GFS Compound Bash/Bday Party West Philly- (invite only)  

06/27/2004  Moqita  RX - 4443 Spruce St - Philadelphia  

07/04/2004  J.Smooth  Guernica- NYC  

07/10/2004  J.Smooth  Asbury Park, NJ (more info to come)  

07/19/2004  JG  Valani - Philadelphia w/Kevin Gimble and Jamie Morris  

07/30/2004  J.Smooth  More info soon. Philly PA  

08/09/2004  J.Smooth  Konkrete Jungle- NYC  

08/10/2004  Moqita  Dahlak- 4708 Baltimore Ave Philadelphia  

08/14/2004  J.Smooth  Special appearance @ Puma Store (Wanlut St. @ 15th st) -Droppin a variety of funk/ hiphop/ DnB grooves/ 2-6pm/ --Philly PA  

08/17/2004  Moqita  Obar - 40th and Spruce Street - Philadelphia  

08/20/2004  Moqita  Transit - 6th and Spring Garden St - Philadelphia  

09/02/2004  J.Smooth  29 S. Front St. Baltimore MD  

09/03/2004  J.Smooth  Club Shelter- NYC (tentative)  

09/05/2004  J.Smooth  !!Labor Day East River Boat Party!!- NYC  
 Loading/ Departure 1130pm-4am..... (remember to be early for boarding and check back for exact address)

09/11/2004  Moqita  UC Arts League Feedback Concert Series - Phila  
 4226 Spruce Street - w/ William Fields and A/D - 7pm - $5 cover

09/18/2004  J.Smooth  Masonboro Island (Wrightsville), NC  
 Boats departing at 530-12am. Bring camping and other over night gear. (more details soon)

09/24/2004  J.Smooth  @Tribes_Asheville, NC  

09/30/2004  Moqita  Fluid - Philadelphia  
 613 South 4th Street w/J.Smooth and Carl Michaels - $5 Cover

09/30/2004  J.Smooth  Fluid - 613 South 4th Street  

10/02/2004  J.Smooth  Direct Drive- NYC  

10/06/2004  Moqita  Hologram @ La Tazza 108 Chestnut, Philadelphia  
 with Clayton and Fulcrum, and Transient $3 Cover 10pm - 2am

10/07/2004  Moqita  Inliquid Party at The National Building - Philadelphia  

10/08/2004  J.Smooth  @TPDS- Philly PA  
 spinning hiphop and original funk grooves

10/11/2004  J.Smooth  @Soma_ Philly, PA-  
 Spinning various trademark grooves and a variety of ass shakin beats!!

10/28/2004  Moqita  Fluid - Philadelphia w/King Britt and DJ Spooky  
 613 South 4th Street w/ King Britt and DJ Spooky - $7 in adv/$10 at the door
Concerts for Change, get out and vote. Get tickets and more info here.

10/28/2004  J.Smooth  Fluid Philadelpia w/ Moqita  
 MOQITA and JSMOOTH (GFS AllStars in full effect!!) a night of live, funk filled maddness brought to you by the Pioneering, groundbreaking skill of the GFS Massive. Seroius grooves and live instruments, as one unimaginable, ass skakin entity. a night never to be missed!! 8pm-2am (King Britt and Dj Spooky, tentative as of now)

10/29/2004  J.Smooth  HalloWasted2- @ TPDS- Philly PA  

11/04/2004  J.Smooth  @Chemistry- Pittsburgh PA  

11/05/2004  J.Smooth  Cleveland, OH  
 2310 EAST SUPERIOR ST. Cleveland, OH

11/20/2004  J.Smooth  Subcode- Philadelphia PA  

11/21/2004  J.Smooth  Washington DC  
 Modern 3287 M St. NW DC

11/26/2004  J.Smooth  York, PA  
 220 W. Philadelphia St. York PA

11/28/2004  J.Smooth  Johnny-Brenda's Philly PA  
 Rocking serious jams in the F-Town. Expect the Unexpected....

12/11/2004  J.Smooth  Raleigh NC  
 @ KINGS Raleigh, NC

12/14/2004  J.Smooth  Camouflage, NYC  

12/28/2004  Moqita  Heavy @ Soma w/ Clayton and Fulcrum  
 33 S 3rd, Philadelphia PA 10PM (free admission)

12/30/2004  Moqita  13th Floor - Baltimore, MD with Kung Fu Grip  
 13 Floor of the Belvedere Hotel 1 E. Chase St.. Baltimore, MD 21202, 410-347-0888

01/06/2005  J.Smooth  Cleveland OH  

01/13/2005  Moqita  Tritone - Philadelphia w/ Yohimbe Brothers  
 w/ Yohimbe Brothers (DJ Logic & Vernon Reid)
Tritone 1508 South Street - Philadelphia, PA
21+ to enter, $15 cover, Get Advanced Tickets Here

01/22/2005  J.Smooth  Pittsburgh, PA  

02/10/2005  Moqita  Sonar in Baltimore  
 407 East Saratoga St, Baltimore, MD 21202

02/11/2005  J.Smooth  Greensboro, NC  

02/11/2005  J.Smooth  Greensboro, NC  

02/20/2005  J.Smooth  Washington DC  
 @ Club Nation

02/26/2005  J.Smooth  Direct Drive- NYC  

02/27/2005  J.Smooth  Jonny Brendas Philly, PA  
 Frankfort Ave and Girard

03/03/2005  Moqita  13th Floor - Baltimore, MD w/ Clayton and Fulcrum  
 13 Floor of the Belvedere Hotel 1 E. Chase St.. Baltimore, MD 21202, 410-347-0888

03/14/2005  J.Smooth  J.Smooth @ Loie- Philadelphia, PA  
 Very special appearance.... Loie Work Party 19th street Between Sansom and Walnut. Spinning whatever the hell he wants (and were talkin about good music that has nothing to do with kindergarteners who know how to use turntables or the latest 21 and up, whos ass is getting kissed the most, bar fads...) nuff said.

03/15/2005  J.Smooth  Camouflage, NYC (tentative)  
 8 year anniversary 25 ave B NYC

03/19/2005  J.Smooth  Asheville, NC --(Tentative date)  

03/19/2005  Moqita  North Star Bar in Philadelphia  
 with The Method and Result, Run Away From The Humans, and Be Careful Little Hands"
2639 Poplar Street Philadelphia, PA 19130
For more info:

03/20/2005  Moqita  Sydenham Salon - Philadelphia  

03/23/2005  J.Smooth  WMC- Miami Fl, 3/23-3/30  
 Smooths closest dedication to a religious conquest..... 8 years and counting Party info to come- (and if youre a very close friend, im sure youll be graced with luck, and figure out the address of the bayside palace of Smooth and the Philly Allstars....see ya there

03/25/2005  J.Smooth  WMC @ Spy Lounge, South Beach FL  
 @ Spy Lounge 1pm-9pm J.Smooth will be playing from 6-8pm

04/02/2005  J.Smooth  Pittsburgh PA (more to come)  

04/02/2005  J.Smooth  @Sonar- Baltimore MD  
 2pm- 2am daytime event @ Sonar ...and yes Smooth will Be playing the Pittsburgh Party afterwards the same night.

04/19/2005  J.Smooth  @ Goosebumps- Phila, PA  
 7th and Kater St.

04/29/2005  J.Smooth  Harrisburg, PA  

05/06/2005  J.Smooth  @ Ulana's - Philadelphia, PA  
 SW Corner of 2nd and Bainbridge Spinning Dnb along with a special hiphop tagteam.

05/18/2005  J.Smooth  @ Sonar- Baltimore MD  

05/27/2005  Moqita  The Philadelphia Experiment @ Silk City - Philadelphia  
 DJ Sets by: Willyum, Carl Michaels, J Leroy, Kevin V
5th and Spring Garden, 10pm 21+ Door by Evan Lee

06/05/2005  Moqita  World Cafe Live with Cat Empire  
 3025 Walnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104,
$15 admission.
Doors open at 6:00pm, show at 7:30pm

06/17/2005  J.Smooth  @ Jimmi's- Asbury Park, NJ  
 more info to come

06/18/2005  Moqita  (JG - DJ SET) Khyber Pass Pub - Philadelphia w/ Ray Barbie  
 Also playing: The Low Budgets doing an all Surf Rock Set and McRad
A Benefit for Franklin's Paine
Khyber Pass Pub
56 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19003

06/25/2005  J.Smooth  !!!4th Annual GFS West Philly Blowout!!!!  
 Basically, know if youre invited so dont wait for the personal invite.

07/09/2005  J.Smooth  Easton PA (rescheduled for unconfirmed later date)  
 more info to come

07/24/2005  J.Smooth  Charm City internet radio show  
 (more info to come)

07/29/2005  J.Smooth  Brooklyn NY (no info yet)  
 Stuck on Earth Production (more info to come)

07/30/2005  J.Smooth  Philly PA- more to come

08/04/2005  J.Smooth  @ Starlight BallRoom_Philly PA- more to come  

08/27/2005  J.Smooth  Newark, NJ (more info to come)  

09/03/2005  J.Smooth  @ Harrisburg Armory_ Harrisburg, PA  

09/04/2005  J.Smooth  @ Club 2686_Levittown, NY  
 SOS Productions

09/10/2005  J.Smooth  @ The Pennant East- Rt 130 N- Bellmawr, NJ  

10/15/2005  J.Smooth  Phoenix, AZ  

10/30/2005  JG  Mischief @ Wax Bar- PHILADELPHIA  
Saints n' Sinners & Groundscore Present:
This Sunday, October 30th , Philly

FEATURING (upstairs)
dancefloor drum and bass
Ed Rush - Virus Recordings, UK
Skynet - Audiofire, Human Imprint, UK/Philly
Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy - Circle, Human Imprint, Philly
Quest & Royce - Night Recs, Dubkinetics, Philly

THE MAKE OUT ROOM (street level)
dirtysouth mashup electrotrash 80s punk metal selections with:
Art Cuebik - 611 records, Let Me Ride, Philly
James Intrinsic - Stuntcock, Philly
Kevin Gimble & JG - Circle Productions, GFS/Moquita, Philly
dMarie - Groundscore, San Francisco

Sharpness, Illy MC, Alpha MC, Futuretense

Fuckin' Freaky Visuals by Deucewild...

Get into some MISCHIEF
Halloween Party

$7 B4 11pm / $10 after / Entry 21 and Up

03/16/2006  JG  JG at The Burial - Pure Night Club Philadelphia  
 Ed Rush, Optical, Pendulum, Karl K, Kaos, Jae Kennedy, Sharpness, Illy MC but JG will upstairs with his Pink Skull cohort, Julian S Process, and Art Cuebik. JG will be spinning his normal mixed bag of indie dance, disco punk, and lounge core. Thursday, March 16th 10:00 p.m. - 3:30 a.m. 21+ w/ID - $10 to get on Pure 1121 St.James street (St.James is between Locust and Walnut and between 12th and 13th Streets.) Philadelphia, PA For more info:

08/10/2006  JG   JET LAG @ L'etage  
 624 S. 6th Street (6th and Bainbridge) , Philadelphia, PA 19147

08/24/2006  Moqita   JET LAG @ L'etage  
 624 S. 6th Street (6th and Bainbridge) , Philadelphia, PA 19147

02/20/2007  J.Smooth  Camouflage, NYC  

03/02/2007  J.Smooth  Brooklyn NY (no info yet)  

04/06/2007  J.Smooth  Medusa Lounge-Philly  

04/15/2007  J.Smooth  Charm City internet radio show  

04/20/2007  J.Smooth  Ulanas- 2nd Bainbridge- Philly PA  

04/21/2007  J.Smooth  Three 4 Tens @ Mojo 13- Wilmington, de  

05/05/2007  J.Smooth  @ Sonar Baltimore, MD  
 Dj Craze JSmooth And more.

05/11/2007  J.Smooth  Three 4 Tens @ Johnny Brendas- Philly  

05/26/2007  J.Smooth  Wistle @ Shampoo- Philly  


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